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Unleash the power of explainer videos with these 5 tips for 2018!

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Today, many brands are investing money in explainer videos and they’re definitely onto something! Explainer videos are a great way to introduce your business, product or service to a (potential) client without overwhelming them. Sounds easy enough, but the hard part is getting them right so they’re actually effective.

With 1,000+ explainer videos made in the last 4 years for some of the biggest brands in the country, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about successful explainer videos here at StoryMe. We’ve rounded up our 5 most valuable tips that work for all kinds of industries, companies and business models and put them in a neat list. So, continue reading and learn what makes an amazing explainer video...amazing!

1. Timing is Everything

An explainer video is NOT a detailed introduction of your business, but an overview of the services or products your business provides. When things are too long people tend to lose interest or stop listening, so choose the most important hooks and keep it short and sweet!

The perfect duration for an explainer video is between the 60 - 90 seconds depending on which platform it'll appear on. An explainer video meant for social channels can be even shorter and should grab your viewer's attention in the first 5 seconds of watching, while an explainer video for a company website can be a bit longer. Keep in mind that your audience also needs 'rest time' to let the message sink in.

Plan Belgie & StoryMe - EN from StoryMe on Vimeo.

2. Strength of the Script

A good explainer video starts with a great script; if the script’s not good then your video won’t be either. That’s why video companies invest in professional scriptwriters, but if you’re in a pinch and not sure how to go about it, here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • Do the necessary research. What do clients find difficult to comprehend, what is your main focus towards clients, what is your core business etc?
  • Don’t rush the creative brief. The creative brief is a document with everything that should be considered when something is being designed, created or advertised. If for example a business can't clearly communicate their message in the creative brief, they can't expect the professionals to visually translate it. So don't rush it and know what it is you want to convey to your audience. 
  • Don’t panic and stay classic. When in doubt, stick to the classic 3 acts in any script: a beginning, a middle and a conclusion. Some types of video, such as animated explainer videos, have similar steps but can need a little reworking.

Another useful tip to keep in mind while writing the script: go for humor. Videos that are perceived as funny are more memorable and will be shared more!

Katoen Natie & StoryMe from StoryMe on Vimeo.

3. The Devil's in the Details

‘Detail’ sounds like it’s only a very small part of the main message, but getting all the ‘details’ right makes for a much stronger video. What do we mean by this?

  • Choose visuals that work best for your message. Is it a tangible or intangible product? Would animation, live or stop motion work best? A video for a corporate environment for example should be sleek and minimalistic with a more neutral color palette like white and gray.
  • Choose the right sound. Leave the funny Yoda voice behind and opt for a professional voice-over with a native speaker (or near native speaker) and background music that carries and doesn't bury your message.

VLAM & StoryMe from StoryMe on Vimeo.

4. Know Your Audience

Explainer videos are made for (potential) clients, so it’s important to keep them in mind while making the video. Solve their problems, answer their questions, help them understand your core business, but whatever you do, don't try to sell them anything in an explainer video. When done too early, it can break their trust in your brand.

Also important is to use language that your audience can understand. As Mr. T puts it so eloquently: I pity the fool that uses business lingo or specialist jargon in an explainer video! 

iMinds & StoryMe from StoryMe on Vimeo.

5. Keep it Simple

We already mentioned your video should be short and sweet…did we also mention simple? We don’t mean insulting your audience by only using words shorter than four letters, but rather focusing on a problem or a question your audience has and ending with a clear call to action. But beware: don't use more than one call to action, or you’ll pollute your main CTA.

Tessenderlo Crop Vitality & StoryMe from StoryMe on Vimeo.

Explain Anything with Video

Chemistry, finance, health...whatever the industry or the business, explainer videos work! However they’re only one of the steps to video success. Businesses are using video and video strategy to expand their reach and realize the full optimization power of video.

So, if you feel like your business is missing out, contact us and let's get down to video!


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