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3 User Generated Content Tips with Harriet Beaumont

Our in-house Video Strategist Jordan Hagan interviewed keynote speakers after they took the stage at Video First this past November. She got a chance to chat with Lead Creative Harriet Beaumont from Seenit about User Generated Content (UGC) and learned the incentives companies have to use it and how they can get people on board to create content for them!

UGC is all the rage right now. By definition, UGC is any content such as reviews, recommendations, hashtags, posts, comments, ratings and blog posts created by the customers of a brand, not the brand itself. Instead of brand's pushing their message to the masses, is all about bringing real people into the mix. Forget traditional advertising, using influencers and celebrities - UGC is a great chance to offer authenticty and garner way more engagement. 

Here are 3 tips Harriet has for companies wanting to dip into UGC. 

1. "It's about growing and nurturing a community of people."

UGC is unique in that it puts people first. The content creators are people who care about what the brand has to say, have an affiliation with the company in some way and are passionate about the topic of conversation at hand. By creating content to support the brand they're usally engaging in a larger conversation. 

Where can companies look to connect with their creators? There's several influencer networks out there, but don't forget to look around you - your brand advocates could be closer to you than you think! Creators can include fans, social media followers, consumers that use your product, etc; Tap into these communities by taking a look around!

 2. "Try to find the select group that really want to engage with you."

It might seem counterintutive, but UGC is the opposite of a bazooka content approach. In this case, it's not about getting everyone involved; it's less about about wide reach and more about engaging and involving a smaller group of people who are tightly knit. This ensures authenthic and meaningful conversation, content, and engagement.

3. "Leverage people within your company and give them a voice."

Some companies might think UGC can't be for them. For instance, B2B companies often get a bad rap as a bit 'unsexy', but Harriet says they too can get on board and leverage the power of UGC. She says that companies should look to people within their own organization, because those people are talented, driven, ambitious and most likely have a lot to say about the organizations and can talk about what they do best. Leverage this opportunity and give your people a stage and platform to be heard and to express their own creativity. 


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