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Marketing, Sales, HR: What You Will Learn at #VFC18!

Your department deserves dedicated attention when it comes to Video Strategy. Why? Because one content plan size doesn't fit all! That's why we have speakers who can speak to your challenges and even better, can speak to your video solutions! Hear from YouTube, and Facebook - and that's all before the dedicated side tracks even start! Read on to learn what your department will get out of Video First.


1. Optimize your Marketing funnel with cutting-edge content

Marketing teams will walk away with a wealth of knowledge at Video First from trends to best-practices!

  • Jennifer Quigley-Jones of Digital Voices will teach you how to create content people want to watch, all while keeping up with the content volume that social media demands.
  • Wonder what new content features and platforms on Facebook and Instagram will bring in the future? Jens-Uwe Bornemann of Facebook will cover that!
  • Alvin Hussey from The Hook will make sure you walk away with the tools to stand out from your competition and drive the right people to your brand.
  • Wonder what interactivity could look like for your marketing content? Michel De Wachter will paint a crystal clear picture!

2. Increase Sales revenue thanks to video and the future of buying

When the name of the game is revenue, video is the best way to earn and improve the relationship you have with your customers.

  • Delphine Van Loocke of YouTube will discuss YouTube as an effective a sales tool.
  • Our very own Nils Demanet will make things tangible when he takes the stage to discuss ways to increase revenue with video.
  • Michelle Hung from ASOS and Steve Callanan from Wirewax will talk about the future of online buying and how interactive video will play a monumental role in 2019.

3. Strengthen your employer branding and more in 2019!

Recruiting, onboarding and internal communication are the heart of being an HR manager. Unsure of where to start with video in HR? Our afternoon sidetrack is dedicated to discussing classic HR issues and how video can streamline all your HR efforts!


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