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What to expect from Video First Conference 2020! πŸ’«

Our VFC team is putting their back into bringing you a next level experience at Video First Conference in February 2020. We'll be transforming the Wild Gallery in Brussels into a real Video First universe - expect stellar speakers, a dazzling networking space, and workshops that'll help you launch your company into 2020 with a powerful new Video First mindset. This year’s VFC is set up for you to get the most out of your day and have fun while you’re at it! Here’s what you can expect throughout the day and what you’ll learn on February 20th in Brussels. πŸš€


1. We're welcoming expert speakers from international top brands! πŸ“£

Our priority has always been to bring you the best video experts to learn from, so you can walk away feeling more ready to take on video strategy, with all the latest knowledge and trends in the back of your mind. This year wasn't any different! We've rounded up almost 15 international speakers from Google, VICE, Bol.com, Little Monsters Media, YouTube and more to speak during the day! Needless to say, it'll be a great opportunity to ask questions and engage with experts in their fields - ranging from YouTube advertising strategies to creating content that resonates and even data & AI-driven video strategy

Vice - Speaker at VFC 2020  TOM HENSEN - BOL.COM - Speaker at VFC 2020    Kimia Namadchi - Speaker at VFC 2020  matt gielen - speaker vfc 2020



2. Start off your day at the VFC main stage after a power breakfast. πŸ₯ 

The morning will consist of one main track full of diverse and interesting topics, with top-notch video knowledge for everyone to grab a hold of and implement in 2020! First, you can come and enjoy a delicious breakfast, and then we'll get things rolling with a welcome and introduction speech at 9 am. After that, talks like "Why young people don't care about your video first strategy" and "How To Create YouTube Content Viewers WANT To Watch" will get the conversation flowing and questions brewing! 🧠

Other key topics for the main stage:

  • Data-driven Video
  • Dynamic and Personalised Video Campaigns
  • Creative video strategies to reach your audience
  • Using video to strengthen your Branding
  • Driving results with video 


3. Go from inspiration to strategy to implementation in one day! 🎯

After a tasty lunch, you can join new sessions on the main stage and  take part in the "video first labs" that are most relevant to you and your department or industry. These sessions go more in-depth, with a group of maximum 40 people to make them as interactive as possible. This way, you can enjoy a tailored experience and go home with the practical knowledge you were looking for. πŸ’ͺ

Key topics for the in-depth video first labs:

  • Cross-industry video cases
  • DIY video solutions
  • Best practices for B2B and B2C
  • Myths about Video - A/B testing campaigns
  • Social Video do's & don'ts
  • Getting return out of your video efforts 


Schermafbeelding 2019-11-19 om 16.14.17


These workshops will be hosted by VICE, YouTube unskippable labs, Digital Voices UK, Buzzfeed, StoryMe and more. Registrations for these sessions will take place in January, so keep an eye on the VFC website

4. Learn, network and explore - all while having fun. 

Video First Conference 2020 is destined to be a great mix between brainy expertise, some exploring in our booth area, some great networking opportunities, and a lot of fun along the way. With 10 main stage sessions and 12 video first labs, there's bound to be something for everyone! After all the smart stuff, you can end the day at our buzzing afterparty. πŸš€

Oh and at StoryMe, we don't like to do things the usual way - we're known for our "f*ck it, let's do it mentality" and our creativity with a twist. That's why we're turning Wild Gallery into a unique Video First Universe ✨ - expect an out of this world experience with an intergalactic touch. See you there! 


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