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Call for Speakers: Take the Stage at Video First Conference!

Calling All Video Experts! 📣

We're excited to announce the 2nd annual Video First Conference is happening in Brussels on November 22nd!

Last year was a huge success and we're happy to say it was the first conference of its kind in Europe. In order to make this year's event as good as the last, we're looking for a new group of diverse and video-passionate speakers to take the stage! Last year, we welcomed speakers from Facebook, Google, Wistia, HelpScout and other video foward organizations. As we prepare for this year's VFC, we're looking for the most engaging and interesting speakers to join us. Is that you?

Video evangelists, digital marketers, video marketers, CMOs or video lovers! Reach out if you have an interesting story or expertise on any of the following topics:

  • Emerging Video Trends
  • Video for Sales teams
  • Video for Marketing
  • VIdeo for Human Resources

Tags: Trends, HR, Sales, Marketing