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WEBINAR RECAP: Video for Customer Care 🔁

Did you miss last week's Video Marketing webinar on Video for Customer Care? StoryMe's Video Strategist Jordan covered the most important guidelines and tips for those who want to improve their customer's experience with video. Here's a quick recap of some of the most important insights from this 45-minute webinar


Our Top 4 Takeaways

Takeaway #1: First impressions are everything

Don't just disappear as soon as your prospect has converted! The moment someone becomes your customer is an ideal time to reach out to them and make them feel welcomed. Depending on your product or service, it's also important to share any video content you might have on how to get started. 

Welcoming new customers with video can range from a very DIY-style and honest video to more complex personalized videos for each customer. The following example shows how Wistia uses this touch point to welcome their new customers with the whole team, but also to reach out and show that they're there to help if they need anything. 


Authenticity is key with these videos! Whether you go for a more high end production or a DIY video, make sure you humanize the connection by showing people the faces behind your brand. 

Takeaway #2: Video makes the customer experience more frictionless

There's nothing worse for your customers than when they've just bought your product or service, and they're already getting frustrated because they can't figure out how to use it. Say goodbye to long manuals and texts and record a video (or several) to get rid of these frustrations and help your customer in a frictionless way! A great example is this video, which customers get to see when they scan the QR code on a new kid seat.  

Instruction Urban Iki Front seat and Rear seat

This example is simple, frictionless and a great start if you want your customers to prefer your brand over others! 

Takeaway #3: Use your customers' data in a smart way

Personalized video is the number one tool when it comes to providing the best possible customer care and delighting your clients. It's not just about the surprise factor that personalized video has, but also about providing true added value. It's a way to turn tricky touch points into positive ones, like billing information for example: 



Takeaway #4: It's not all fun & games, but sometimes it should be!

Sometimes it's just about making your clients feel appreciated and turning positive touch points into even better ones. From Thank You videos to Christmas or Birthday videos, the possibilities are endless! Go through your customer journey and think about all the touch points that could use video to increase your customers' affinity to your brand. Just make them smile once in a while! 

Last year, we took a unique approach to our yearly Christmas video. We let one of our Art Directors come up with a creative concept, and the end result was definitely a video with a twist. But it made people smile & remember our brand more than ever! 



Rewatch the full webinar to learn all about Video for Customer Care 📺

The full session is available online, so start watching to learn more about the above topics and to see more inspirational cases & best practices! 

Watch the full webinar after the click:

Watch the Webinar


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