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Webinar: Video for Marketeers Recap!

Did you miss our webinar for Marketers yesterday? We had a great turnout with lots of great questions asked from the viewers! Our Video Strategists Jordan and Arthur covered the pains and challenges that keep Marketers up at night and explained how video can make the difference as a digital tool. Here's a small recap of the great hour-long session we had down in the studio!

Market Trends 📈

Many of the latest market shifts have contributed to the rise of video! The biggest shifts include:

  • Traditional media to digital media
  • Complex communication to simple snackable content
  • Bazooka approach advertising to lazer targeting within ads
  • Heavy video production process to simple, lean and mean video production

The 4 Main Marketing Challenges

1. Increasing Brand Awareness

Create content as a conversation starter. Since it's the first interaction someone has with your brand, you don't have long to catch their attention, and that's why bumper ads do a good job of intriguing your audiences at this first touch point. Create video content that people want to share with their networks (which will increase reach!)

Mobile first is also important to consider because we spend so much time on our phones.

Smart multichanneling means getting the most out of your video! Think about creating your brand story and distributing smaller teaser videos or gifs for social or email. By doing this you can:

  • Improve reach and frequency
  • Reinforce your message
  • Reduce campaign costs
  • Reduce campaign creative fatigue 

2. Drive More Website Traffic

Jordan walked us through cases that illustrate how video ads on Facebook and Instagram aren't just for engagment; they can effectively drive viewers to your website, too!

Video in email is another great way to drive people to your website. Using video in an email campaign means higher click through rates and a higher likelihood to buy. So, If you want to enhance user experience, send a thank you, or add a positive brand touch, video in email is the way to go. Just because you can embed video directly in email doesn't mean you should. Depending on your goals, it might make sense to drive people to a landing page instead of playing directly in the email. For instance, on a landing page, you'll have better analytics and the prospect will be more likely to buy once they're on your site.

Retargeting with ads on social is another great way to use video to move people down the funnel; it also works as a friendly reminder to engage with your brand again, and hopefully, take action.

3. Generate More Qualified Leads

  • Jordan talked about a B2B company that wanted to target specifically on LinkedIn. The result? The cost per view wasn't as expensive as you'd think!
  • Thought leadership is a super useful way to gain leads. By staying top of mind and creating useful and educational content, prospects will be more likely to remember you when the time comes to purchase.
  • Leveraging gated content means requiring email contact before someone can download your video content. Tip: adding a turnstile 20% into your video sees the highest success rate.

4. Improve Conversion Rates

Conversion rates improve when you increase the amount of video content touching your prospects at every stage. Don't just rely on one video to do the trick! A great example of an opportunity for conversion is event video. For an event, you can create separate videos for awareness (concept, speakers), consideration (program post boosts), decision (tickets), delight (thank you, practical). 


Takeaways for Marketing Experts

1. Start with your goal: knowing your goal influences the type of content you make and where you'll push it, which increases your chances of success.

2. Use video throughout your funnel: if you want better conversion, there's not just one video that will do the trick, so keep that in mind.

3. Keep the platform and audience viewing behavior in mind: if your viewers are on social, make sure the video is tailored to their viewing behavior.


Want to watch this webinar and download the presentation?

Watch the Full Webinar!




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