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Webinar: Video for HR Recap!

Did you miss our webinar for HR yesterday? We had a great turnout with great questions asked by the viewers! Our Video Strategists Jordan and Arthur covered the pains and challenges that keep HR up at night and explained how video can make the difference as a digital tool. Here's a small recap of the great hour-long session we had down in the studio!

Why Video in HR? 

The main reason is that video puts the human back in human resources! 

  • Company interaction is less cold with video and makes things more personal and efficient 
  • It's easy for remote culture to really share knowledge and events regardless of schedule
  • Show don't tell! Video creates a stronger connection to your company

The 4 Main HR Challenges

1. Employer Branding 🛍

Some of the most important factors affecting job decision are environment, people, and growth possibilities. These days job pages can be full of stock photos and text. To really show off your environment, people and growth video adds that human element. Videos that show off your talent and employer branding can help in many ways. You might also find that sales will increase as people feel a more personal connection with your brand. Content that resonates with your audience is key! 

2. Recruiting & Hiring 👪

HR needs to act more like marketing! When it comes to attracting people to a job position, HR teams should view the recruitment process as the buyer's journey. Targeted ads are a great way to do this. Also, using social platforms is great to create cool campaigns like carousel ads. For instance, if you have several roles available, you can highlight different USPs within that (international work experience, company car, etc;) 

During the hiring process, there can be a drop-off, so it's important to minimize those with more video content at more touchpoints. Sparkhire is a great tool for this! 

3. Onboarding & Training 🧠

A smooth first onboarding is key to job satisfaction and performance. There's always loads of content for onboarding that could be video-fied and that makes things easier and will resonate better with your employees. Onboarding can also be made to be interactive and that adds a fun twist to engage your talent.

For training especially in sales, video is a great tool to train your team and offer a helping hand when you're not in the same country or even when someone has left the company. This helps retain knowledge and prevent brain-drain!

4. Internal Communications 📣

Within your company, there could be a shift in product or services to communicate. Using video to educate your team is a perfect way to get everyone on board. Weekly updates and quarterly updates can help translate what's happened and keep everyone on the same page. 


Want to watch this webinar and download the presentation?

Watch the Full Webinar!




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