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How video is transforming the travel industry!

Between daydreaming about digging your toes into the sand and embarking on an adventurous citytrip, there’s always a good time to travel and experience the world! So it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the global Travel and Tourism industry is a lucrative one, generating US $7.6 trillion in revenue and creating 292 million jobs in 2016, according to the World Travel & Tourism council.

Digital Dreamers

The travel industry has embraced the digital age in a major way. From airlines to hotels, the travel planning process has almost completely digitized. We’re not just talking about digital optimization when it comes to boarding an airplane or checking in at your tropical sea side resort. We're talking about bringing all areas of travel to life with the power of video. Let's take a look at six ways the travel industry is adapting and implementing video to reach adventurers, wanderlusters, and general travel lovers out there!

1. Airlines taking the video approach

There's an immense opportunity for travel and tourism companies to use video. From booking airfare to hotels, the numbers prove that more and more travel related business is being triggered by video. Virgin Airlines is a great example of an airline using video to improve their branding. From funny commercials to interesting safety videos, they've definitely figured out how to leverage video for the better. 


Some savvy travel statistics:

*It’s been estimated that around 30% of the travel bookings online will be made on mobile devices by 2017.

*Millennials are 264% more likely than Baby Boomers to share videos about a product.

*50% increase in mobile use across travellers with a surprisingly high 30% relying on their mobile devices to make last minute bookings. 

2. Booking services are booming with video

Let’s be honest. How many of us tend to skip hotels that use pictures of dimly lit rooms where the bed seems to take up 90% of the space? There’s a reason for that! When it comes to booking holidays, video delivers a transparency that reassures people it’s worth their money.

For example, many b&b’s are now using videos to offer a walk-through of their premises and activities. This way potential guests know what’s on offer and aren’t feeling cheated out of a good stay after they arrive. If executed well, videos using  humor can create a compelling reason why you’d try out a company’s services.


3. Travel sites jumping on the video train

A lot of travel sites also use video to fully capture the atmosphere of a destination. You can’t smell the paella in a tourist video from sunny Valencia but you can show the locals preparing it, making you crave the real deal.

Lonely Planet for example - one of the biggest travel sites - is putting video front and center on their websites to convey the charm of these destinations.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 9.59.25 AM.png

4. Tourism boards + organizations using video for destination awareness (working with travel influencers)

This is where a destination awareness video truly shines. For example, the video of Turkey allows the viewer to see the country in a whole new light, getting that travel appetite tingling. On the other hand, the video of Oslo (Norway) creates a spontaneous, fun image of Oslo as a city. This PR stunt by the Norwegian travel board piques traveler’s interest in visiting Oslo, a city they may not have considered before.


5. The age of travel vloggers

This is definitely the age of travel vloggers. It sounds like a dream job, right? These content creators quit their day jobs and fly around the world to get the best moments on film. One of the most famous vloggers in the world of travel is Louis Cole. Louis posts stunningly produced travel videos and has done it for the past five years! He has a following of almost two million and partners with big travel and sport brands. Then there's Caisey Neistat. He has over 7 million subscribers and posts crazy, fun, and inspirational vlogs.


6. VR takes you there

So, maybe you can't travel. Whether it's budget, time, or physical constraints, VR offers a great opportunity to go where you want without ever leaving home. VR could transform the travel industry for good. Imagine skipping the line and all the people at the Louvre and being able to actually see the Mona Lisa, or seeing the airplane you’ll be flying with or taking a virtual tour of a city and seeing what’s worth visiting before you arrive. The possibilities with VR and AR are endless and we’re not just talking about the classic options! Discovery VR from Discovery Networks for example, specializes in extreme you-are-there experiences that you would otherwise not do, like scuba diving in a shark-infested wreck. Sounds nice no?



The new age of travel has arrived

The travel industry isn’t the only one to discover the power of video. A lot of companies with a  ‘Video First’ mentality are revolutionizing their game and upping the ante by banking on video.  

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