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Soon Video Will Replace Text in Email!

Robin Panish, Email Marketing Manager from Wistia spoke with Jordan at Video First Conference. She dives into the impact of video in email and why it's revolutionizing and humanizing business communication - think sales, HR, marketing - for the better. With a 40% increase in response rate, video in email is no joke. Here's what she had to say!


"Words aren't always enough to express what you want to say."

Why should companies start using video in email?

Video is the next frontier and honestly, we're already there! It's the next best thing to being in person with someone allowing you to make a lasting connection. Sending a traditional email can feel impersonal, but with video you can convey tone and say what you want to say without seeming cold or distant. 

Video doesn't have to be hard and complicated!

Robin says feedback on video in email is mostly positive because people can see who you are and get a peek into your day. It's when the person has to step in front of the camera that they become reluctant. Her tips for people wanting to start with video? 

"It can just be you and your iPhone or webcam! Don't worry about production value because it'll look great."

  • If you're nervous, think about how much easier it is to say what you want than to write it all out in a lengthy email.
  • Make sure to position your camera higher than your face. That'll make for a good angle,
  • Don't aim for perfection! People make mistakes and it's totally fine.

Robin believes email will always exist to some extent, but believes video will replace text in the near future.  Since video is such an effective medium, we're seeing more and more GIFs, CSS animations etc; bringing movement to static places.

Go ahead, give it a try! Start using video in email and humanize your business communication for the better.


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