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The Top 3 Takeaways from our Video Marketing for CMOs Webinar

Did you miss our Video Marketing webinar for CMOs yesterday? StoryMe's Video Strategist Jordan and Partnership Manager Nils covered the most important guidelines and tips for Marketeers who want to  implement video in their content plan. Here's a quick recap of some of the most important insights from this 45-minute webinar


Our Top 3 Takeaways

Takeaway #1: B2B companies are learning from B2C video strategies

The B2B and B2C industries used to operate and think like two completely different industries. In essence, they still are very different, but here's what's important. Your customer, whether that's a company or a consumer, wants mostly the same thing:

  • They want to have a personalized experience with communication that is truly relevant to them. 
  • They want to feel a connection to your brand and the people behind it. 
  • Customer care is more important than ever before, for any type of customer. 


So as a B2B company, don't ignore all the B2C communication around you! It's not because your industry is different, that you can't work on making your communication as strong as the B2C videos you're seeing. What's more, the fact that B2B companies are lagging behind in video communication is an opportunity to stand out and be different! 

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Takeaway #2: Your Website is your 24/7 Sales(wo)man

Winning with video means offering quality content at different points in the customer journey. Whether your customer is searching for product details, pricings or tips & tricks, 90% of the time they'll be heading towards your website - so that's where they should find their answers. So as a CMO, it's important that you don't just focus on awareness video ads, but also think about all the other digital touch points deeper in the funnel. Think about putting simple and clear explainer videos or tutorials on your FAQ page, for example! 

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What's important is to put the most valuable video content above the foldmeaning on the portion of the page that is visible without scrolling. Play rates start dropping dramatically if you place your video below the fold! A great example of a company that implements video throughout their website is that of Team Gantt. 

Takeaway #3: Authenticity is key, Storytelling makes the difference

Authenticity means humanizing your brand and showing faces is the best way to do so. You can work with your clients, or the people behind your company. They're the ones that live and breathe the company culture, so they're the ones who can show customers what your company is all about in the most authentic way. However, we know it might take some training to get people used to being in front of a camera, and some might not want to be filmed either way. No worries, there are still creative ways to work on the authenticity of your brand! In this example you can see how a casual conversation was used as an authentic voice-over, while the story was visualized through animation. 




Authenticity is key, but it's the combination with effective storytelling that makes for a successful case. In this video for the Smithsonian Museum, they compiled different stories and showed people in their trusted environment. The video also gives a look behind the scenes of a museum, making it extra interesting.   



Watch the full webinar to learn more 

The full session is available online, so start watching to learn more about the above topics and to see more inspirational cases & best practices! 

Watch the full webinar after the click:

Watch the Webinar


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