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Video Marketing Trends Ebook!

Summer is here! And just like mother nature, we’ve been busy bees putting our heads together to bring you the best in Video Marketing with our shiny new ebook. 🐝☀️🌴

Video is hot and it's only getting hotter!


Now that you’re already up to speed as to how video can grow your business (if not, take a peek at our previous ebook), this ebook will get you and your business in the lead.  Afterall, video is changing the way businesses generate sales, build awareness and connect with customers in a huge way.

By keeping an eye on the fast changing environment that is Video Marketing, you can gain the advantage over your competitors. And because we’re all about nurturing our clients and helping them reach the top of the canopy, we’ve weeded out five important video game changers for you.


This free ebook will give you a head start in:

  1. Targeted video 🎯
  2. Video as correspondence 📩
  3. Facebook livestreaming 
  4. Virtual reality 
  5. B2B video possibilities 

So, check it out and set your business in bloom this year!

For video production and strategy services, reach out to our team. We’d love to talk to you about using video in your digital marketing plan today.

Our StoryMe family wishes you a super fruitful summer '17 !

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