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Video Thought Leadership for Beginners!

Businesses! Are you giving back by communicating useful knowledge and advice to your customers? Any company with impressive industry expertise to share should consider building their profiles as thought leaders and experts with video. Companies and brands who are already on the video thought leadership train are seeing long-term benefits from it, so here's what you need to consider for effective video thought leadership, with stunning examples from the pros!

Why consider using video for thought leadership? 

  • Take control of the message you want to send
  • Videos and knowledge can live on several platforms 
  • Share your opinion on the latest trends and news in your industry
  • Build a strong sense of trust in your brand
  • Engage your core audience while being found by new followers
  • Naturally increase your sales and revenue
  • Benefit from more future collaborations with other content creators 

Where can you share your knowledge?

It may not be much of a surprise to see that LinkedIn takes the video thought leadership cake. According to LinkedIn, using video sees 3x as much engagement than other posts. What executives used to do on long-form blog posts and text comments, they're now doing with video blogs. Of course, you can still let your educational content live on Facebook, YouTube, your website (blog, etc;). Afterall, 86% of viewers use YouTube to learn new things!

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Before setting out to make your video, keep these things in mind:

  • Key learnings and clever insights are what people are pressing play to hear, so give the people what they want! 
  • Answer questions affecting your industry,
  • Talk about innovation and newsworthy topics if it's relevant to your industry and business!
  • Consider the creative: with the right amount of style, intelligence, and confidence, your thought leadership video can elevate your business video!

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Here are 5 examples of famous thought leaders adding value through video! 


1. Business hustle with Gary Vaynerchuk

Most people know the infamous #GaryVee! Nobody dispenses distilled advice in such a tight and compact way. Gary is a self-made entrepreneur who grew his family's wine business to a 60 million dollar business. Today, his YouTube channel boasts 1.7 million users with new content updated every week that focuses on entrepreneurship in the form of interviews, vlogs, presentations, and more. 

2. Better understanding the customer experience

Steven van Belleghem is a Belgian thought leader who focuses on the future of marketing. He's an author and entrepreneur who wants to inspire companies to become more customer-centric in a high speed digital world. His style is clear and enthusiastic and shows in this 270 videos on his YouTube channel.

 3. Where lifestyle and marketing meet

Marie Forleo has had online video presence since 2008. She's an American lifestyle and online marketing expert who talks about a range of topics from spirituality, productivity, to business best-practices. Her MarieTV content is smart, personal, and more importantly, consistent with her personal brand. 

4. See more revenue with online marketing 

Most online marketers will know Neil Patel! He's received several impressive accolades like being named one of the top ten most influential marketers in the world. He even got an award from President Obama. Neil strongly believes in the power of marketing and every video he uploads focuses on a single marketing tactic. He usually starts with a question and explains things in an accessible way to ultimately help his viewer's grow their revenue through marketing. 


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