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Using Video to Reduce Drop-off Within the Sales Funnel!

From the initial awareness phase to post-sale, lining your sales funnel with video works because it engages swell and reduces the dreaded drop-off rate. The Inbound Sales philosophy means personalizing your efforts and considering your buyers' pains and making video content to help them. We know that video converts more than any other medium, so here's a guide to the right kind of content to use within your sales funnel!

1. Inbound Sales - Selling to people the way they want to buy

Sales teams are constantly working to personalize and condense the sales cycle, yet not all sales teams are tapping into video yet. Don't make an explainer and call it a day; lead your customer along the funnel as they search for content that offers a helpful solution.


The Inbound Sales journey looks like this:

  • Attract: Tell people about your brand through videos that appear in targeted search and social media ads
  • Convert: Educate leads about your industry and the kinds of problems you solve via deep-dive content and how-to videos
  • Close: Convince leads to buy your product via the home page, testimonials, and product videos
  • Delight: Show how you continue to add value to users' lives with user education, feature launches, and company culture videos

    Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 10.56.54 PMThe sales funnel according to HubSpot

2. Top of the funnel: ideas to attract!

Make it count! At this point, a buyer knows thinks have a problem and are actively surfing the web to find out how to solve it. This definitely isn't the time for a sales pitch, so hold on! The goal is to drive people from social platforms and to your website to learn more useful info or to get more familiar with your brand.

Here are some ideas:

  • Social teaser ads
  • Overview explainers
  • Personal intro videos from a sales person
  • Influencer videos for thought leadership
  • How-to library
  • Thought leadership interviews
  • Company culture videos
  • Brand story video
  • Repurposed webinar content


3. Middle of the funnel: videos to convert and convince!

At this stage, it's time to warm up your prospects as they're choosing for which products or services are best for them. The goal here is to convert those visitors who are interacting with your website into more qualified leads. Their interest in your brand means they're exploring your website, so show them the solutions you offer and why they should choose you over the competition. With the Inbound Sales methodology, this means tracking their traffic, noting their behavior on your website (time on page, CTR..), and using more useful content to convince them. 

  • Detailed product demos
  • Interviews 
  • Email campaign video
  • Client testimonials 
  • Video case studies
  • How-to's: showcasing how your solution integrates with other products and services 
  • Screen captures: for example, show how easy it is to use your software and guide them through a screen-capture. Soapbox is great for this! 

    Conect your CRM to video hosting sites like Wistia to get the insights you need most. It's a good idea to reach out with personalized video or a call to strike while the iron is hot!  

4. Bottom of the funnel: time for trust and education

The moment to prove your company's value is here. For instance, the buyer knows they need to get in shape and pick a gym, but they haven't chosen a specific one yet. As they evaluate you and the competition, video can be a great tool to persuade, build trust and close that deal.

Tip 💡: Videos that walk customers through your features and services can work to entice leads earlier in the funnel as well.

  • Sales pitch videos: Personalized video outreach could be the last push they need. Another idea is to have your executives send a video to theirs.
  • Nurture campaign videos: Create videos tied to specific campaigns and release them at exactly the right time. If you know your target lead is going to be at an event you’re also attending, for example, create a nurture video to encourage a meet-up.
  • FAQ videos: If you have a FAQ video on your site, you can reuse it to prompt a lead to close.
  • Customer check-ins: Follow up with your customers use of your product; how have their first weeks been?
  • Instructional videos: Post-sale is often a time that leads to more questions so create a video to cover any issues you've noticed your customers are having. 

5. Last but not least, don't forget delight!

Just because you've closed a deal doesn't mean the work is over! Once you've put in the time, effort and investment to nurture a lead to the point of closing, it's only smart to keep maintaining a relationship so that that client will happily come back for more.

Use the following videos to keep your customers happy and up to date:

  • Product update videos
  • Thank you videos
  • How-to's 
  • Customer support videos
  • Customer testimonials



Need to streamline your sales processes with video? We can help! 

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