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Webinar Recap: Video Trends 2019

Did you miss our Video Trends webinar yesterday? StoryMe's Video Strategist Jordan and Video Marketeer Matthias unmasked the 2019 video trends and how your business can implement them to take your video strategy to the next level. Jordan talks you through some important trends with great cases and best practices that'll help you create better video content this year. Here's a small recap with insights into this super interesting 45-minute webinar

Jordan's Top 3 Trends for 2019

Trend #1: Lower Funnel Content

Video used to be seen as the ideal communication method to generate awareness for and interest in your brand, and it still is, but video has become so much more than that. Brands are still steadily increasing their video use, and especially the amount of video content created to serve lower funnel purposes! Video Marketing should line your funnel from awareness all the way down to intent and maybe even the final stages before a customer's purchase! 

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Trend #2: Dynamic Video Ads 

Dynamic video campaigns won’t be ignored in 2019! Smart brands have realized that one static video ad can’t be relevant for everyone, even if their demographics look the same on paper. The newest trend will look to dynamic video ads to fit inside the conversation, rather than interrupt it - and the results prove that it works!

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To create dynamic video ads, you need a few standard raw assets, to which you add different templates, overlays and animations to create lots of different versions of the same ad. But the technology alone won't make for great content, that's why Jordan states that "the most important driver of performance is still creativity." By being creative you can make a unique campaign that engages with your audience. 

Trend #3 Long(er) Form Content

While social platforms still favor short and snackable video content to show in our feeds, we couldn't help but notice that long-form content is on a rapid rise. Instagram TV, YouTube Red and Facebook Watch are proof that people are also slowly taking the long-form direction. Longer video content also gives brands the opportunity to change the way their story is told. Longer videos shouldn't be as commercial and branded as social teasers, for example, as their purpose is more to get viewers to connect with your band.

A Week With Coin

The most successful longer stories these days work with an emerging story arc: they should grab the attention early on, keep up the pace, and deliver messaging with unexpected surprises until the end.

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Watch the full webinar to learn more 

The full session is available online, so start watching to learn more about the above topics and other trends, such as personalizing the digital experience, interactive video and more

Watch the full webinar after the click:

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