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9 reasons video is essential for your business!

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So, business is stellar. You have a solid product or service with all gears running smoothly. Or maybe you’re a start-up with limited means and a serious drive to get to the next level. At StoryMe, we’re huge believers in video and could talk about its benefits all day! Instead, we’ll show you why businesses of all shapes and sizes - B2C, B2B, you name it - need video to increase product sales, foster an authentic customer connection, and the list goes on. If you’re not yet using video, here are some statistics to make you and your boss reconsider!

1. How the brain responds to video vs. text

*90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual

What are you more likely to remember? A stunning video or a full page of text? Unless you have photographic memory, you’d probably choose video. As it turns out, humans are visual creatures who retain more information than when they simply read it. Not only do we retain images better, but our brains will process them faster, a whopping 60,000 times faster than text.

2. Video keeps on rising 

*By 2019, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video

There’s a few factors effecting global internet traffic in the coming years. With an increase in the number of people who will be connected by 2019, this only makes sense. An estimated half of the planet will have access to the Internet by then, with a large number of devices accessing the web. Cisco estimates this will be a number three times higher than the global population.

3. People connect emotionally with video

*71% of buyers who see personal value will purchase a product

You might be surprised to learn that purchasing decisions are made using the heart, and less of the brain. Although you’re selling a product or service, customers are humans, and appealing to their emotional side is crucial. Be funny, be touching, but above all, show the human side of your company because trust is key to gaining loyalty for the long term.

4. Competitors use video, so don’t fall behind

*86% of online marketers use video content

It’s not just a niche collective of companies using videos anymore! Industries and sectors of all kinds are benefiting. From HR to Finance, companies are using video to recruit, educate, inspire, and more. The uses are really endless. If you want to stay up with competitors in your industry, use video to stay up to speed and relevant. 

5. Share-ability is unmatched

*92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others

In the digital world, video is the ultimate word-of-mouth. And in an online eco-system where people are willing to share content they love, video is the most shared medium. Content sharing is more likely to happen with video, and sharing is the currency of engagement across social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin. 

6. Video brings your products to life

*After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to purchase a product online

Wistia video thumbnail

Are you a B2C company? With the advent of e-commerce, video and product purchases go hand in hand. The fact is, consumers are more likely to engage with your product after seeing it in action. Video is a super interesting way to promote your brand and product online, and might be exactly what you need to tip the scale for your customer if they're on the fence. Are you a B2B company? Video is especially useful to explain abstract and complex ideas in a simple way.

7. Be found faster with video

*When you use video, you have 53 times more likelihood of ranking on the first page of Google

When it comes to search engines, Google owns the internet. Google also owns YouTube, and it ranks relevant videos higher than articles on the internet. In terms of far reaching exposure, video is taking over and will get your company found much faster. Tip: It’s important to include clear meta data with your video.

8. Video helps build trust and can also manage PR crises

36% of online customers trust video ads


Like we mentioned before, being able to see the people behind your company through video creates a sense of trust. If you’re looking to hire, showing the friendly faces of the people at your company instills trust within the viewer and work wonders that a press release just can’t. Or if your brand is struggling with a common misconception or PR disaster, live video is the perfect way to be sincere and manage the fallout.

9. It’s more personal








Something about seeing the faces behind a company allows customers to feel like they know you before they step inside your office or pick up the phone. This is crucial, because building a personal bond with your customers is key to forging a relationship that lasts beyond one single purchase or interaction. Check out the video above that we made to show off our new team members.

The digital marketing landscape is changing drastically, and these numbers paint a clear picture: video is essential for all businesses. If you’re having trouble getting buy-in from your boss, show them some more facts. They won’t just convince your superior, but they’ll remind you why you thought video was such a great idea in the first place!

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