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Invite: Free Webinar About the Power of Personalized Video

One of the biggest trends in Video Strategy right now is Personalized Video! Our Video Strategist Jordan will host a webinar on November 15th at 1:15 CEST to show you all the business possibilities of personalized video for each department like Marketing, Sales, and HR. During the 45 minute session and 15 minute Q&A, Jordan will inspire you on what using personalized video successfully and uniquely can look like for your company!



What will you learn about Personalized Video? 🔍

As a Video Strategist, Jordan is at the forefront of emerging video technologies and what they can do for businesses both big and small. After working with dozens of companies on their Video Strategy, she's ready to share her super valuable video insights with you! Join us for our free webinar where Jordan will break down how:

  1. HR teams can step up their recruitment efforts to attract more candidates and the right kind of candidates, all while strengthening their employer branding.

  2. Marketing teams have created more relevant and engaging campaigns thanks to personalized video, seeing proven results such as an increase in campaign ROI by 135%.

  3. Sales teams are using personalized video content in their customer outreach which has increased customer retention by 35% and more closed late-stage deals.


Who is this webinar meant to inspire? 

This webinar is for anyone wants to be ahead of the curve with Video Strategy and stand out from their competitors with Personalized Video in their departmental efforts!


What can you do with this cutting edge video knowledge?

Once the session is over, you'll know what it takes to jump into personalized video campaigns successfully, making a difference in our over-saturated digital world!

Don't miss the insights! Can't make it? You can still register and watch the webinar later! 

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