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The Power of Video for HR Webinar: What You'll Learn

As a Video Strategist, Jordan knows firsthand what HR's biggest pains and challenges are. She's ready to share valuable video insights with you that you can implement across your company on an HR level. Here's a quick look at what video topics she'll cover when you join us August 28th for the webinar!


  1. HR departments are the brains behind a company's employer branding! 

Showing off your company's mission and values serve as the driving force to get your team aligned. Here are some ways to do that:
  • Leverage the power of your employee's as brand ambassadors in the form of Employee Generated Content.
  • Show off your day to day working environment should be fun and easy! Highlight new employees, events, holidays, and more.

  • Saying your a cool company is one thing, but don't just tell. You'll see how to with video!

  2. Video is the perfect tool to humanize your recruitment process for the better.

Recruitment doesn't have to feel boring and automated. Job booths and paper CVs will soon be a thing of the past! Jordan will cover ways to modernize your recruitment for 2018:

  • Don't use the bazooka approach; use smart video ad targeting to increase your chances of reeling in the right talent.

  • Learn about video recruitment tools like SparkHire to transition to video interviews.

  • You'll learn tips to be more transparent and set proper expectations from the get-go with video.  

3. Streamline the training and onboarding of your new talent!

Video helps you to never miss an onboarding detail again, and also helps you train more efficiently.  These are some ideas Jordan will touch on:

  • Learn how to welcome your new talent creatively (CEO welcomes, office tours, and more).

  • Help your talent and teams get set up with video courses, how-to's and other helpful content to do their job even better!

  • Learn about the possibilities for personalized video and interactivity for onboarding. 

4. Video can improve your internal communication company-wide!

Video naturally brings teams and departments together with clear communication. You'll get a sneak peek at creative ways to use video for better internal communication:

  • See how it's possible to build a thriving remote culture with video.

  • Find out how dreaded knowledge capital and knowledge loss can be decreased with video.

  • Communicate updates or company changes in a transparent way.

So, what can you do with all this great HR knowledge?

Once the session is over, you'll have practical tools and best-practices to start implementing video in your department to hunt top talent, keep your employees happy, improve and streamline communication, and more!

You'll learn so much on August 28th! But don't just take our word for it - register below!

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