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Webinar: Video Strategy for Marketers!

With 45% of marketers citing that they use Video Marketing as a valuable tool in their strategies, it's time to learn how to use video the right way! Our Video Strategist will host a webinar on July 10th at 1:15 CEST to educate you and inspire you on the theory and practicals for you to take your Video Marketing to the next level! During the 45 minute session and 15 minute Q&A, Jordan will outline each approach you need to achieve CMO’s most common goals. Theres' only 50 spots left, so register while you still can!


What will Jordan cover during the sessions?

As a Video Strategist, Jordan has listened to our clients and knows CMO's and Marketers biggest challenges. She'll cover ways to tackle them with video and how to:

  • Optimize your video efforts to get more traffic to your website

  • Create more qualified leads by better understanding the marketing funnel with video

  • Learn the best ways to use video for increased brand awareness

  • See more conversions with deeper funnel video content

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for Marketers, CMO's, digital marketers, and just anyone who loves video and wants to gain a deeper understanding of what works best today.

What can you do with this knowledge?

Start implementing video in a smart way, optimize your current video efforts, and become a well-oiled marketing machine!


Don't miss the insights! Can't make it? You can still register and watch the webinar later! 

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