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What Could Facebook Watch Mean for Your Business?

After a year of being launched in the US, Facebook Watch has gone international. The social giant's move into on-demand video content isn't a surprise to anyone who's been watching closely. Facebook's video advertisting possibilites keep expanding. As a content creator or advertiser, there's big potential to reach new audiences and to do it with more authencity than ever.

Why should brands care about Facebook Watch? 📺

It's important to realize that people are less interested in seeing brands behave as corporations. In the social media space, they want them to behave more as friends or acquaintances. Brands who get this and tune into that fact will be successful early on. Whether it means creating original content itself, or buying video ad space within shows, Watch is an exciting challenge to other long-form content services out there.

Facebook Watch is an exciting evolution for global video 🌍

Facebook’s new platform for original video content is the latest social platform that has marketers wondering how exactly to leverage it! Of course, Facebook wants to gain market share and compete with YouTube in the video space. As described by Facebook, "[Their] goal is for Watch to be a platform for all creators and publishers to find an audience, build a community of passionate fans, and earn money for their work."  In the global scheme of things, there's 2 billion monthly users on Facebook and 400 million on Facebook Watch, so the challenge to YouTube is a real one.

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What does monetization look like on Facebook Watch? 💰

Users will have access to free personalized video content thanks to ad breaks. The producing partners earn 55% of ad break revenue while Facebook keeps 45%. With the sophisticated targeting opportunites Facebook offers, even B2B's can get on board to target their niche audiences. More than ads? Influencers will find Facebook Watch a great place to create new partnerships with brands. Product placement and tagging will be made available which is something brand will appreciate to tap into more authenticity. 

Who's eligible for ad breaks? 

  • Pages with three minute long videos generating more than 30k one-minute views in the past two months
  • Pages with 10,000 followers
  • Those who meet Facebook’s eligibility standards

What makes it stand out from YouTube?

Facebook's strength has always been the super social aspect of the platform. Facebook knows this and has an adventage over YouTube because of it. Within Facebook Watch, social engagement will even spread to the ads themselves, creating a more seamless ad experienceWatch also offers basic tools for discovery, saving videos for later viewing, and lets users customize a feed of videos from Facebook Pages they follow. Basically, it's less search oriented than YouTube and really speaks to viewer's personal preferences.

The content offered is already quite different form YouTube's; there are community-oriented video series with some of the biggest shows like Red Table Talk, Humans of New York, and Strangers.

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2019: The year to watch Watch 👀

It will be exciting to see when and if a large chunk of Facebook audiences will shift to this part of the platform. If Facebook Watch has as big a moment as we predict, marketers will need to move with them and move swiftly. Businesses who are video novices should start 'small' and try incorporating video content in the form of livestreams to get comfortable with producing content consistently. Test and find out what your audiences want to see! 


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