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The World's 1st Video Strategy Bot How To! 🤖 

Using the Video Strategy Bot is as easy as it gets! Here’s how you can create your Video Strategy Plan in just 5 steps and under 1 minute. Yup, one minute! The Bot considers your input to deliver a personalized and tailored video plan for your buiness! Then you can get on your way to meeting your business goals with video! Woo!  


Here's how the Video Strategy Bot works:

1. Once you head to the Bot homepage, start by choosing your company department. From Finance to Office Management, you’ll find eight options to choose from. After that, the calculator will identify a video solution or solutions for the department goal you have.

2. After clicking into your department, you’ll see a range of business goals appear. Choose the most important business goal you have at the moment.

3. Now it’s time to consider your audience! Are you Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C)? Choose one and see what’s next.

4. How many people are you aiming to reach with your digital efforts? Choose from four options ranging from just a few people, to an entire market.

5. Now it’s time to enter your email address. You’ll then be directed to the moment you’ve been waiting for: your tailored video strategy inspiration!

6. Now here’s the video inspiration goldmine. The last page will break things down according to video type. For instance, a company culture video, snack video, or team video - just to name a few! For each video type, you’ll see one corporate and one fun example to get those creative juices flowing. We'll also take what platform works best into account. (email, social, webpage etc;)

You’ve got your results, so now what’s next?

Once you have the Bot results, you can start digging into your video strategy. Depending on whether you have  in-house expertise or not you can start assessing your video next steps and dive into production!


Need the creative or strategic know-how to make your video come to life?

We’d love to talk about your calculator results!

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