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Your Checklist for a Winning Product Pitch Video!

For the modern entrepreneur, business owner or inventor looking for product or project backing, it can be hard to get things off the ground! According to Indiegogo, a popular crowdfunding site, campaigns using video pitches raise an average 114% more than campaigns that don’t use video to their advantage. From a mobile phone to a high-dollar video production, anyone can take video into their own hands when creating a pitch video. Video isn’t always the entire picture for pitching, but it definitely shouldn’t be an afterthought in your pitch plan.

Read on to learn all the steps to preparing the perfect product pitch video! 

Pre-Filming Preparation 🎥

  1. Don’t have a large budget at your disposal? Use free tools like Soapbox to present yourself and your story while incorporating slides and other media to bolster your pitch.

  2. Have budget to spare? A professional video production can cost you anywhere from $5k to $15k.

  3. Consider what your offering. Is it complicated software or service? In this case, animated video would be best to illustrate your plans and ideas. A mix of animated and live also works well. Find some inspiration on our portfolio.

  4. Get your positioning statement clear and on paper. This will help you conceptualize things before filming.

4 Steps for a Stellar Script

    1. Create a narrative: people love storytelling, so start by telling viewers the story behind your project if it’s interesting enough.

    2. Maintain tone: think of the tone of your brand and consider this when preparing to film. Will it be a bubbly, serious, emotional?

    3. Answer questions: Address the viewer, what’s in it for them? What problem will you solve? Highlight the benefits, unique features and more.

    4. Provide clarity: In the CTA, what exactly do you expect from the viewer? Make it clear.

6 Tips to Take Your Pitch to the Next Level 👆🏼 

  1. Stage your video if possible. Try and set the scene for your product so the audience can imagine it in action. 

  2. Now is the time! Stick to what you know and show off your expertise. This will give you credibility.

  3. Be concise. Things that don’t make your case more compelling should be cut.

  4. Let your personality shine through. Video is great because it allows the human and authentic side to translate. Let your personality shine through as it will build trust and increase the chances of someone wanting to work with you or support you financially.

  5. Timing is important! Don’t make your video more than 2.5 minutes long or risk losing viewers.

  6. Absolutely end with a clear CTA. What is your objective with the video? To receive funding or spread awareness? Communicate this clearly!

  7. You find here some additional advices to start with video marketing.

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