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Your Ultimate Video Distribution Guidebook!

A key part of video strategy is the smart distribution of videos. But over the years, we've noticed that most of our clients had the same video pain point: once their video was signed, sealed, and delivered, they were unsure of what would be next, and unaware of all distribution possibilities! 🎯 That's why we built the Video Strategy team we have today, to boost and guide each video campaign to its fullest.

We also thought it was time to clear the air. Making sure your video is super successful is our fortΓ©, so behold our new Video Distribution Guidebook! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ


What you'll learn about Video Distribution:

1. How to get the most out of social distribution channels

  • YouTube: optimizing your SEO and advertising
  • Facebook & Instagram: optimizing paid video distribution
  • Linkedin: optimizing organic and paid video distribution

2. Choosing the right video hosting platform

  • What to look for in your ideal hosting platform

3. Using video in Email like a pro

  • 3 video tips to change your Email game

4. Setting the KPIs that matter πŸ“ˆ

  • The right KPIs for the different stages of the customer journey 


Need our Guidebook to show you the way? Download it here!

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