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Facebook is the Heart of Marketing, Google is the Brain!

Jordan talked Video Strategy with Niels McEvoy from Google! He drops some serious YouTube knowledge and tips on how companies can better develop their YouTube strategies.

Only 20% of the population forms 80% of your revenue.

The numbers say it all! Instead of creating something meant for everyone out there, create something that fits 20% of the population that forms your revenue. Focus on the data points first to find the 20%!

How can businesses better reach their audiences on YouTube?

When you look at YouTube, 50% of views are coming from mobile. We're watching an hour per day on YouTube. So what should businesses do? Niels says not to make something that's too short or irrelevant. You can add deeper context; add documentary style content and aim to tell a story. This is especially due to the fact that people go to YouTube to learn.

Is YouTube doing sometime to adapt to the mobile change we're seeing these days? 

Usually YouTube video is landscape, but now they're working towards a flexible format. Look out for that soon!

"Stop thinking about viral videos, you're trying to tell a story."

Are there any key metrics companies should pay attention to when using YouTube?

Views and impressions are only part of the equation! Beyond going viral, what really matters is telling an authentic story. What you want to get out of it is impact, the lift of awareness, ad recall, sales. Stop thinking only about viral videos and views. What you want is people to remember your story and make sure they understand it.

"Facebook is really the heart of marketing, and Google is the brain."

What is your recommendation on companies using Facebook and/or YouTube?

It's not one or the other! You should combine both. Niels says on Facebook we show who we want to be, but on Google we can find out who we really are. So use those data points to tell your story differently. On Facebook use more snackable content and on YouTube, go more in depth.


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