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Audi Brussels struggled with enforcing its health and safety regulations. We used the power of video to inform the employees.


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The challenge

Audi Brussels struggled with enforcing its health and safety regulations. They wanted employees to understand and follow the rules to create a safe and healthy work environment. “You don’t want to learn safety by accident”.

Making people pay attention to a lesson in rules isn't easy. Safety regulations aren’t the most interesting topic and some of the blue-collar workers aren’t interested in learning more rules or doing more work. The video had to be entertaining and educational at the same time. Next to that, we were dealing with a multicultural audience who were not native speakers of Dutch or English. This meant that we couldn't rely on text-heavy explanations. And last but not least, our most beloved restriction: COVID-19 (how could we forget). So we couldn't film actual people or actors inside the factory. In order to complete this challenge and almost impossible task, we went in search of a hero.

The solution

(drums) Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to "El protector".

El protector is the hero everyone was looking for. He is a Latin-American Lucha libre wrestler, who acts as "the agent of safety and health". He makes sure everybody follows the rules, and he's not to be messed with. He is constantly on the lookout for violators. His goal: to create a safe and healthy work environment for everyone.

The format itself is predictable and therefore easy-to-digest. It starts with an over-the-top scene of someone (unconsciously) violating a rule and El Protector pointing out their error in an excessive way. The final shot restates what the actual rule is, short and clear making sure the viewer remembers the point Audi wants to make.

We immediately decided to combine live video with animation for two reasons:

  1. The area in which "El protector" operates is the Audi factory in Brussels. It was important to use real footage as the background of the videos. This makes it recognizable for the targeted audience.
  2. Live video has its limitations, especially when you're creating sketches that show safety hazards. We, therefore, suggested "El protector" and the co-workers shown in the film should be a 2D animation. This allowed us to write scenarios that would not have been possible. And make sure we weren't excluding or worse, targeting anyone that worked there.

The result

El protector wrestled his way into people's minds. After viewing the series, 3/4 of the employees could easily recount the health and safety rules making Audi Brussels a safer place to work.

We were able to tackle 5 topics in about 100 seconds and created a format that stands out, can easily be recreated, and is customizable to any other company.
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