By targeting three different personas with the right hook, we unlocked the power of video.




The challenge

Would you ever consider electric car-sharing? Well, chances are you’ve thought about it if you live in the area around Ghent. For Autodelen Gent, we were tasked with creating awareness around electric car-sharing and maximize traffic to their website.

The solution

Age isn’t the best divider when it comes to marketing. Finding common interests does a much better job at segmentation. By targeting three different personas with the right hook, we managed to more than double the traffic to the Autodelen website, without congestion of course.

The environmentalist

People care about their neighborhood. They want it to be green, clean, a place they want to be seen. Since parking is often a big issue in Ghent, we used the USP ‘more space’ to relate to these people.

The economist

Another advantage of electric car-sharing is that it’s cheaper than actually owning a car. This USP — combined with how easy it is to share — makes people want to do more research on the topic. That’s exactly what we want to achieve with an awareness campaign.

The comfort-ist

Some people don’t care about money or image, all they want is no stress. So the third video focuses on just that. It emphasizes how easy car-sharing is and how little impact it has on your daily life. It might make it even more comfortable!

The result

With about 60 seconds worth of video divided over three target groups, we were able to reach 52,6% of our audience and give Autodelen Gent a significant traffic boost (2,5 times more than their average). With a click-through rate of 4,8% (6x more than the benchmark), we convinced 3.022 people to visit the website.

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