Birdhouse MasterClass

Birdhouse is a well known accelerator for Belgian startups & scale-ups. But tackling online masterclasses happened to be way out of their comfort zone. Luckily for StoryMe, that’s our home turf!







The challenge

Birdhouse wanted to launch "Birdhouse Masterclass", a new e-learning solution that aims to provide answers to some common challenges of founders of Belgian start-ups and scale-ups, such as acquiring the right financial help, creating marketing plans, building a great team, or providing the right leadership. This new e-learning series would be launched as a sub-brand of Birdhouse, with its own identity.

In short, Birdhouse's challenge was twofold:

  1. Create the Birdhouse Masterclass (with 27 video modules to date)
  2. Putting this new brand on the market
Birdhouse team on set for Birdhouse Masterclass

The solution

New brand, who dis?
1. The Look

When you develop a new identity for an existing brand, you’re trying to find the balance between recognition and differentiation. With this idea in mind, we had our illustrator and brand designer create a multi-purpose branding that’s fit for video, website and other marketing efforts.

What better way to capture the spirit of ‘homeschooling’ than an actual birdhouse as the new logo? We created a logo animation, branded slides, infographics, and more!

Logo Birdhouse Animated
Birdhouse Branding

We even had a life-sized version of the Birdhouse itself, custom made to use on set. The Birdhouse could be used as a backdrop, or it could even be folded open so that speakers could sit inside!

Birdhouse Set for Masterclass

2. The Feel

When you're creating e-learning videos, atmosphere and aesthetics are equally as important as the content itself to keep the viewer engaged. We needed a location that wouldn’t overstimulate our audience, but at the same time didn’t feel like a stuffy classroom. This eventually brought us to the Filatuur in Aalst.

Story Me Master Class Birdhouse Filatuur2

3. Combining the looks AND the brains

A high quality brand asks for high quality content.

To make sure things ran smoothly, the StoryMe team also offered a mediatraining workshop to the speakers, because even the most experienced speakers can be thrown off balance when put in front of a camera! To work as efficiently as possible, our editor also joined us on set as a data handler. Once all the classes had been filmed, a post-production team of four worked closely together with our sound designers to turn those hours of footage into some good-looking and educational masterclasses.

Birdhouse Masterclass Story Me Mediatraining Speakers

4. The 'first one is free' strategy

When content is locked behind a paywall, your audience doesn’t know what’s in it for them. So in order to establish credibility for these masterclasses, we made the first class free for everyone to get a taste of what they can expect. Once we piqued their interest, they would be much more likely to subscribe.

Content Bird House Masterclass Story Me

5. Awareness strategy

The good thing about having hours upon hours of footage? There’s a treasure trove of content just waiting to be repurposed. In total, we created three types of content that would keep Birdhouse Masterclass top of mind.

That’s what he said
Speaker quotes are a great way to give direct (behind the scenes) access to the full content. By showing the speakers through video, your audience can already get to know the friendly faces behind the masterclasses.

Teasing with content snippets
A short teaser lets your audience know that ‘this is what you could and should be watching right now...!’ By using flashy text on screen and energetic music, you'll catch your audience's attention in just a few seconds, so that you can then tease them with some of the interesting content take-aways.

Opening sequence
Every self respecting series has its own Opening Sequence. What are we, amateurs? 😉

The result

“Together with StoryMe, we succeeded to record, brand and market a fine series of masterclass videos for start-ups. StoryMe proved to be more than just a video partner, which certainly helped to make the right decisions. They even upheld the short deadlines exactly as planned.”

Jan-Willem Callebaut

CEO & Founder Birdhouse

The results of the first masterclasses in the Finance theme proved that the future of education truly is digital. The free Essentials video was a hit, and we even overachieved on the number of sold courses with a conversion rate of nearly 20% almost immediately after the launch.

We reached 750 unique views of which 89% stated that the series had a direct impact on their future endeavours.

Results Birdhouse Masterclass Story Me 2
Results 1

Curious to see what viewers say about the first masterclasses?

“Birdhouse Masterclass gives enough examples and depth without making things unnecessarily complex.”

Willem Romanus

from Yogalive

“Birdhouse is the missing link for start-ups that want to grow fast. You learn quickly and efficiently so you’ll lose little time and you can stay focused on your venture.”


The three first Masterclass series, Finance, Talent & Marketing, have now been finalized and can all be found on the Birdhouse Masterclass website.

Want to have a chat with the video strategists to look into e-learning videos for your brand? Feel free to reach out!

Story Me Master Class Birdhouse Filatuur

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