Audi took a unique route on the road to recruitment! Before building their first electric vehicle, they made a testimonial video showing their current talent to attract new employees.






Employer Branding

The challenge

Finding automotive engineers for the manufacturing of the e-tron.

Engineer is a so-called scarcity profession, which means Audi had to find a new way to recruit top talents online. Audi wanted to become the employer of choice for technicians & engineers, so they needed to showcase their employer brand to convince these talents to apply.

The solution

A video recruitment campaign showcasing their employees.

We wanted to focus on Audi’s company culture, employer brand and their current employees. That’s why we created a recruitment video campaign to target the right engineers and technicians with different content throughout the customer journey.

Targeting engineers & technicians on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The first step was to target the right profiles on social media with this open vacancy video.

An authentic company culture video.

Once potential new hires were directed to the landing page, they would find the full company culture video. This is an authentic video that showcases Audi Brussels as an inspiring place to work.

Retargeting relevant candidates with short employee testimonials.

The audience that came onto the landing page, but didn’t apply yet, was retargeted with different testimonials from Audi’s employees.

The result

Short-term recruitment and long-term impact on the employer brand.

In total, 36 people applied and confirmed that watching the video was important to apply. The vacancy video had a 7% click-through rate and a 60% watch rate, which is impressive compared to the industry benchmark!

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“We came to StoryMe with a question, and they came back with an impressive answer. We believed in the new twist on our concept. Along the way, we saw their professional way of working, and for a young team this was so nice to see. At the end, the deliverable - our employer branding video - was warmly welcomed within Audi. And most importantly, it did its job! We received more applicants than other campaigns without video.”

Inez Raemaekers

Employer Branding Coordinator at Audi

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