BNP Paribas Fortis

BNP & StoryMe co-created a Video Strategy plan ranging from Employer Branding, Product explainers, Social Video, FAQ-videos and Onboarding to E-learning Videos.


BNP Paribas Fortis




Marketing + HR

The challenge

Clearer communication both internally & externally.

By choosing more video, BNP wanted to communicate financial products easier and train customers and employees off- and online. BNP also wanted to train their team internally to make the Video First shift. Keynotes and workshops hosted by StoryMe helped them learn about activating their content.


The solution

Making BNP Video First to communicate more clearly, creating overall consistency & trust.

Our Video Strategists worked with BNP's Marketing and Communication decision makers to create a smart Strategy Plan; a plan to incorporate video into the DNA of the company. The uniform branding throughout the videos helped create overall consistency and trust, something which is crucial in the banking industry.

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Animation videos

Animation has been the most common video product for BNP's external communication. We've made a whole series of animated videos in two different languages to help explain apps, services, and more!

Live video

Several videos used dynamic live with splashes of animation video to convey their message and forge credibility and trust with their customers.

KPI tracking

Before a video is made with StoryMe, KPIs are set with the Video Marketers, Strategists and client to ensure that the goal of the video is met at the end of the campaign. For every BNP video, we set clear goals from the get-go and measured accordingly.

Keynotes, Workshops & Content Activation

Combining all three Strategy efforts is a great way to harmonize the production and strategic elements of Video Marketing within the company! It's also perfect for inspiring communication teams.

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The result

Increased customer engagement, better user experience & Video First internal comms.

Throughout the production of a whole series of videos and a strategic partnership, customer engagement has risen significantly. Video has now become an integral part of BNP's marketing strategy. Because BNP cares about user experience, they know video is a crucial part of the digital shift they've made. Today, a whole series of videos have been produced internally and multiple departments are now using video to communicate.

"As a customer, you feel treated as a king or, a queen in my case!"

Bianca De Vos

Video Content Manager at BNP Paribas Fortis

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