imec - Attracting new talents

Imec believes technology starts with the right people in the right environment. To find those talents, they turned to the power of video!







The challenge

Attracting new talents to foster imec's growth

imec wants to build a community of like-minded professionals who can help both each other and imec to grow! They challenged us to target junior technicians & operational profiles with videos that are still light and fun enough to attract young graduates. Challenge accepted!

The solution

A unique video recruitment campaign.
1. Employer Branding Video - Why work at imec?

This is the main video used on imec's career page to show people who they are and what they represent at a company. This video focuses on the the innovative things they're working on and the technologies that shape them.

2. Recruitment - Open Vacancies Video #1

For the recruitment videos, we also focused on the perks and benefits of working at imec, but not in the traditional sense. We combined the idea of working in an innovative, international environment with some humor, a funky soundtrack and powerful text on screen!

3. Recruitment - Open Vacancies Video #2

4. Series of Social Teasers

To direct the target audience towards the landing page, we used different social teasers that were extracted from the main videos. This way, we could use videos with different USPs of working at imec and see which message worked best for each specific campaign and segment.

The result

The videos were all part of a whole campaign flow: first, people were targeted with social teasers on LinkedIn & Facebook. When these ads were clicked, they would go to the careers page where they could see the full videos. The "why work at imec" video was used as a means of remarketing. The results below are an average of the LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram results.

40.464 null
1,23% null
134.000 null
1.331 null

After four weeks, the campaign had already reached 134.000 people at a pretty low cost per view: €0,07! The Open Vacancies videos worked better than the general employer branding video, and the remarketing campaign had the best click-through rate: 4.61% !

StoryMe helped us in a challenging project to recruit millennials for specific jobs at imec. Thanks to their expertise, we were able to adjust our message to the right audience with some catchy videos. By using video advertising on social media, we have reached our specific target group in a cost-efficient way. A picture might say more than a thousand words, a video says more than a million!

Linn Angé

Corporate Marketing & Communication Manager at imec

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