As a hip global retail brand, Kipling understands the power of video! Kipling wanted to strengthen its online presence and attract a new generation, so they needed new videos that would appeal to their target group.






Marketing + Sales

The challenge

Kipling didn’t just need a video, they wanted a whole campaign. We did three shoots for them, one in Valencia, one in Antwerp, and one in our own studio in Ghent. The goal was to create two totally different vibes for their BeSeen & New Classics backpacks.

The solution

Kipling knew that different target audiences require different videos. That’s why we chose to go for the nineties style for the older target audience, while the younger generation got the more contemporary approach.

Back to the nineties

Together with Kipling, we decided to film the New Classics video in Valencia. By going abroad, we could capture that summer holiday feel. B-roll with a handheld camera brought back those vacation vibes and helped create this atmosphere of nostalgia.

We wanted our audience to relive their youth, to think back on those carefree moments where everything was better. And they could get it all back, just by buying the New Classics backpack.

From dusk ’til dark

The BeSeen campaign required us to do two shoots, one of which in Antwerp. Since the biggest feature of the BeSeen backpack was its reflectiveness, we chose to do the shoot at golden hour. This gives us the best natural light to work with. But we only had 1 hour before dark so we had to work fast!

Focus on the product

The previous shoots both focused on creating a certain atmosphere. But to highlight the different USPs, we wanted to do something different that resonated well with the younger audience. So we combined live video with stop motion elements and a bit of animation here and there. We chose to do this in our studio so we had complete control over the shoot.

The result

The result wasn't only stunning. While the campaign ran, the online sales of Kipling rose by 2.61%.

“The creativity and expertise of the crew were overpromising. We worked together as one happy family resulting in qualitative and unique pieces of video art.”

Jurgen Derycke

Marketing Director EMEA at Kipling

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