As a hip global retail brand, Kipling understands the power of video! Kipling wanted to strengthen its online presence and attract a new generation, so they needed new videos that would appeal to their target group.






Marketing + Sales

The challenge

Featuring their new bags in a new way.

Kipling had several new bags to bring to life in their visually stunning campaigns this summer: The Art, BeSeen, and New Classics.

Check out the behind the scenes story:

The solution

A targeted approach to appeal to both adults & younger audiences.

By trying two different approaches, Kipling & StoryMe could create two entirely different vibes to highlight their products. The 90's vibe appealed to the adult target group, while the cool evening videos with luminous backpacks got their younger target group excited to choose Kipling!

The result

Increased engagement & sales.

Both target groups engaged a lot more with Kipling's video content & Kipling noticed a significant increase in sales

“The creativity and expertise of the crew were overpromising. We worked together as one happy family resulting in qualitative and unique pieces of video art.”

Jurgen Derycke

Marketing Director EMEA at Kipling

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