Plan International Belgium

As an NGO, Plan needs to convince young people, Child sponsors, corporate partners & governments to support their cause - and they believe in the power of video to do so.


Plan International Belgium





The challenge

From brand awareness to fundraising.
Increase brand awareness

One of Plan International Belgium's main goals is getting as many people as possible to know this NGO and see their work so they can understand the importance of the projects and their impact on children’s lives.

Improving communication towards donors

Plan International Belgium wanted StoryMe to help inform donors / supporters about what they do and the many ways people can be involved in their organisation.

Fundraising campaigns

Plan International Belgium needs an impactful way to grab people’s attention and convey their message clearly, with a powerful call to action that convinces people to contribute to a better world.

The solution

A long-term Video First strategy to help Plan International Belgium reach their goals.

The first goal was to generate more awareness about what Plan International Belgium does. StoryMe came up with the idea of telling the story of Maria, a little girl in a developing country, highlighting all the opportunities she might not get in her lifetime.

Our latest campaign for Plan International Belgium aims to convince people to keep supporting their cause, even after their life. To do so, we came up with a unique campaign to introduce the concept of legacies. Check out the article and behind the scenes footage in this article.

After a few years of mostly organic promotion of the videos, StoryMe is now also helping Plan International Belgium to further increase the performance of their videos with a tailored video strategy, which will also be implemented by StoryMe’s media experts.

The result

A sustainable partnership with video solutions that have a long-term impact.

Plan International Belgium has grown into a real Video First company that is able to tackle any challenge with video - from awareness to conversion, from DIY to pro video campaigns.

“The collaboration with StoryMe has become a really sustainable one in which we collaborate strategically, give each other ideas and we can think about the long term goals we want to achieve, which in the end brings a lot better results than when you just work with short term partners who stick to the video production part.”

Jochem Roels

Corporate Partnership Manager

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