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The challenge

Danone is working on its own strategy to reduce its impact on the world and the climate by rethinking its packaging. They needed a video to show how they are planning to do this in a few simple steps. Because an important story has so much more impact when it is told visually.

The solution

Simple, straightforward animation is often the best strategy to illustrate an important story without making everything unnecessarily complex.

Transitions transitions transitions

While the style of animation itself is straightforward, a lot of thought was put into the different transitions. We wanted the animation to follow the flow of the story as smoothly as possible.

Three simple steps

We wanted to keep the story light and the messaging as simple as possible. That’s why we chose to fit everything within three steps. The use of enumeration (without going overboard, 3 is the rule of thumb) makes it easier for people to remember the message.

The result

The video was shared on Danone’s social media channels where it reached 146.371 people in the first few months. But the biggest result was the view time. 28,16% of viewers watched the video all the way through.

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