Dogs of StoryMe

How would our dogs act at the office? That's what this animated video is all about!






Employer branding

The challenge

Sometimes, it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too. Our goal was to create a video that made our employees proud, that portrayed us as a fun company to work at, and that had the potential to attract new clients. The concept ‘dogs of the office’ managed to tick all three boxes.

The solution

While the format or the techniques used weren’t extraordinary, the involvement of our own people in the production was. It helped the video gain a lot more internal support. Although to be fair, the choice of topic was also close to their hearts.

Recognizable voices

We’re not native English speakers, but neither are dogs. So we decided to have our own people be the voices of their dogs. This also helped keep the budget down. We do have to mention that this only worked because it fit the laidback style of our video.

Include real-life events or inside jokes

The ‘incident’ that’s mentioned in the video isn’t just a joke. We have a meeting room with fake grass in the office. One of the dogs really did go number two in there. These small things are often overlooked by the average viewer, but our employees really appreciated this little easter egg.

The credit goes to everyone

The end credits are huge for such a short and sweet video. Truth be told, not everyone worked on the video. Yes, we made some jobs up. Still, we felt it was important to include everyone in the video. After all, they all contribute to the office culture, and that’s what this video was about.

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The result

The results are still to come in. Though the video has been happily shared among our employees and their families. We’re also using this video as a case to approach companies with a similar company culture to ours. On social media, the video already helped us gain 141 new followers.

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