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How to transform a traditional B2B approach to the B2C market with video!


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The challenge

For Energetica Natura, COVID-19 came with an upside. It gave them the momentum to transform their traditional B2B approach to the B2C market. But when you’re trying to break into a new market, you need a fitting communication strategy.

The solution

To generate €20.000+ in sales in a couple of months for a brand that the B2C market doesn’t know yet, we went with a full-funnel approach. The main content we created was meant to convert, and a set of teasers helped us to attract.


A full-funnel approach requires content for each phase. For the see phase, we decided on 3 teasers with a set of tips to peak the interest. Why did we go for tips? Because lists work (just ask Buzzfeed).

In the think phase, we already managed to attract our audience to the website. Now we needed to establish credibility and position Energetica Natura as a thought leader on a healthy lifestyle. Here, we went with the more traditional explainer content. Finally, we needed our audience to convert. So we gave the webshop visitors a final push with extra catalog content during the do phase.

Attention grabbing

Our target audience could be divided into three categories:

  1. People caring for their family.
  2. People trying not to get ill.
  3. People wanting to get fit & live a healthy lifestyle.

There was only one small problem, the budget didn’t allow for three videos. As a cost-saving measure, we reused the same content but we tailored the hook (the first few seconds) to each persona.

Another nifty trick

Another nifty trick to boost the effectiveness of a video is to visually guide the viewer towards the call to action. This might seem insignificant, but it actually makes a huge difference in terms of clicks.

The result

The video campaign ran for three months. In that time, we reached 64% of our target audience with our awareness videos. We were able to direct 9.000 people to the e-shop where they bought products for the total price of 22.700 euros. If you run all those numbers through the calculator, that comes down to €7,80 ROAS. (Or €7,80 profit per €1,00 spent)

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