ESAIC - I’m an anaesthesiologist

For ESAIC, we created a video that showed the world just how pivotal anaesthesiologists are to the healthcare sector.






Educate others about the work of an anaesthesiologists

The challenge

Anaesthesiologists are seen as the people who put you to sleep before surgery. But actually, they’re much more than that. Especially during COVID, they played a major role in intensive care. According to ESAIC, they deserve some recognition.

So we were tasked with creating a video that showed just how pivotal anaesthesiologists really are to the healthcare sector. Ideally, the video would also tug the heartstrings of our audience.

The solution

Animation over live

Even though the client showed us a live video as inspiration, we wanted to create an animation video. Since the scenes we wanted to create would have been quite costly to shoot, and stock images just don’t pack the same emotional punch.

Animation that provokes emotion

It’s often said that animation is useful for explaining things while live is better at conveying emotion. But that’s not necessarily true. Just look at the first few seconds of the video. Here, our audience starts as the subject of the video, which helps to immerse the viewer. Meanwhile, the use of light and depth of field help set the scene.

The importance of sound

Next to the use of light, sound is also great at setting the mood. We’re not just talking about the music. It’s all these little sound effects that you associate with a hospital setting. They evoke certain memories and create an atmosphere.

A voice with character

Since we decided to go for a testimonial-like approach, we invested quite some time in finding the right voice for our video. They needed to convince the audience, not just with their words, but with their voice.

The result

The video was shared on their website and gained thousands of views in just a couple of weeks. Moreover, the video also began to lead a life of its own in the anaesthesiology circle.

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