Febelco - Learn the rules with Dr. Pill

Febelco wanted to make their Good Distribution Practices basic knowledge on the work floor. Thanks to StoryMe, they went from an hour long presentation to a 10 minute video series.







The challenge

Got a minute? Or… an hour?

When you handle pharmaceutics for human consumption like Febelco does, there are rules and regulations for virtually everything. To keep its licenses, Febelco and its employees need to pass regular and unannounced checks.

To ensure that every employee knows Febelco’s distribution practices by heart, they used to sit through an hour-long PowerPoint presentation every so often. But this was really time-consuming and impractical. So now, they can just watch an entertaining video series that takes less than 10 minutes total.

The solution

By combining animation with live video, we managed to captivate our audience with easy-to-understand content.

If the content is too boring, no one will listen.

Meet Doctor Pill. His antics add an extra layer to the videos, literally. Instead of using actual employees (who may leave the company someday) to demonstrate what the voice-over says, we opted to create an animated character. Animation allows us to do things that you just can’t do with real people, like having a cape get stuck on a conveyor belt or taking a swim in a drinking fountain. The goal of this character is to illustrate the educational content of the voice-over and to make it a memorable experience to the viewer.

If the content is too difficult, no one will understand.

There’s a reason why we only animated a single character of course. We wanted the setting to feel as real as possible. After all, the employees should recognize the place and products they work with. By using live footage, we were able to make the content tangible, and therefore easier to understand.

The result

Dr. Pill quickly became the talk of the factories. Now, a single image of him is enough to remind the employees of Febelco’s Good Distribution Practices.

Another plus of this video series is how much time is saved. Whenever someone spots that a certain rule is starting to be forgotten, they can just send out a one-minute video as a refresher.

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