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Fujirebio wanted to promote its neurocenter of excellence, to convince people to work with them.




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The challenge

Fujirebio wanted to promote its neurocenter of excellence. In the fight against neurodegenerative diseases, collaboration is key. The more people they can reach and work with the better. So they needed a convincing video.

The solution

A day in the life

For an organization like Fujirebio, credibility is important. While the neurocenter of excellence isn’t really a physical location, but rather a network, we still wanted to show the environment they work in. So we decided to follow an employee while they go about their day.

Scripted testimonial

In 90% of cases, you know when a voice-over isn’t a native speaker. To prevent breaking the immersion, we chose to go with a professional voice-over. This meant that we scripted the testimonial. Yet, to keep the story authentic, the script was based on a number of preliminary interviews.

The finishing touch

Even when a video is fully live, animation can always be an added value. In this case, we added just a bit of glow to make some shots more interesting and to keep the attention of our audience.

The result

The video was pushed on Fujirebio’s social media channels and within a couple of weeks, the applications from PhD students came pouring in.

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