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Integrate a set of captivating patient testimonials, but keep them anonymous.







The challenge

“Integrate a set of captivating patient testimonials, but keep them anonymous.”

Galapagos wanted to stand out on a digital medical congress with an immersive story about their commitment to inflammation. But the medical sector always comes with restrictions. This time it was patient anonymity.

The solution

While boundaries often seem limiting, when you learn to work within them you can create some truly amazing stuff. Ensuring patient anonymity shouldn’t mean compromising on authenticity or creativity.

Authenticity & anonymity

Since we couldn’t just take out parts of the real patient testimonials we were given, we found another way to preserve their authenticity. We selected the most gripping quotes and had them voiced by professional voice actors.

Creativity & privacy

If we can’t use the patient’s voices, we sure can’t use their faces. To solve this problem, we made smart use of animation. The right style can add power to an emotional message. Since we had two stories, we went for two unique styles.

One testimonial was made by using cut-out drawings with a grungy feel (as described by our art director). For the other we used rotoscoping, a labor-intensive technique where you animate over existing footage and then remove that footage.

Color as a unifier

While different styles helped distinguish the stories, they still had to feel like they belonged together. That’s where color came in. By applying the same colors to the animation as we used for our decors and color grading, we were able to ensure uniformity.

The result

The results of our “herculean efforts” was a short story worthy of a showreel. The only problem is, we can’t show it publicly. So this might be the only chance you get to see it.

“Well done, herculean effort – I think it looks great.” — Anna Gibbins, Senior Communications Director Therapeutic Areas

We can share, however that our video was the most watched out of all the entries in the conference.

Behind The Scenes Video

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