imec goes 3D animation to show of their newest innovations






Explaining a product

The challenge

When you create microscopic technology that goes inside a computer or the human body, you can’t just shoot a live-action video. Yet imec still wanted to show off what they got. So we created something as close to reality as possible, without cutting people open. We created 3D animation videos.

The solution

By using 3D animation together with stock footage, we were able to create a story around technology without going over budget. Another benefit of 3D animation is that you can focus on what matters.

Making technology tangible

The first video wants to showcase an innovative cooling technology for computer chips. 3D animation allowed is to isolate the computer chip and explain the entire cooling process without unnecessary distractions. Smart use of color (blue for cold, red for hot) added simplicity to an otherwise complex process.

Showcasing future technology

Stories have the power to inspire people, but a move that is fully in 3D is way too expensive. We solved this issue by combining stock footage with 3D animation. By using 3D and stock consistently throughout the story, there wasn’t a clash between the styles. On the contrary, they seemed to complement each other.

The result

When the videos were added to their online article, the articles saw a noticeable increase in engagement. After watching the video, people stayed on average 53 seconds longer on the same page. They were also 43,76% more likely to click on a link in the article.

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