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Internal communication

The challenge

For Keter, the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to their internal conferences. But since these powerpoint presentations tend to be heavy on the eyelids, the decision to switch to video was a welcome one. We were tasked to turn their dry content into juicy videos with an innovative audiovisual branding.

The solution

Creating a consistent and innovative audiovisual branding using motion graphics and typography creatively to bundle different messages, visuals, graphs and videos in a virtual company presentation

An announcement teaser

Aside from the rousing music and fresh animations, we chose to go with a professional voice-over for the announcement video. This helped us create an atmosphere of excitement to get the people watching.

Scripted content

We weren’t dealing with professional actors, so a professional setup might break immersion. We shot most of the speakers’ content was in our own studio. We purposely kept the props quite low budget and added some humorous notes to the script too. This kept the video entertaining while making the speakers relatable.

Motion graphics

The animation and visual style were kept clean. We didn’t want to overwhelm the viewers or detract from the content. The motion graphics were supposed to ensure smooth transitions and create consistency between the different videos.

The result

Via an informal survey, Keter gauged the level of engagement their employees had with the videos. 82% indicated that video should become the new normal. In the future, Keter will measure view time to see where people drop off. That way, we can restructure our content to keep the video conference entertaining throughout.

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