Kick Cancer - Don't skip kids, join the fight!







The challenge

KickCancer is a Belgian foundation that funds research into better treatments for children with cancer throughout Europe. Their goal is to make sure all children are cured by supporting scientific research, removing obstacles, and connecting people.

They came to StoryMe for a video that could raise awareness and generate support for their cause. Not only for their website but also for their network meetings (scientific issues, politicians,...).

The solution

Cancer is relentless and impossible to ignore. But so are children. Kids explain it better, that’s why we chose to give the lead role in this film to children who had cancer in the past.

They wear adult clothes that are too big which symbolizes the side effects and adverse reactions that medications have that are often for adults and not adapted to kids. As a result, they have side effects for many years afterward.

The result

Although it was a very heavy subject to shoot, and the children had already been through a lot in their lives, the shoot was full of positive energy. That is also what Kickcancer stands for!

The video was a major success on social media ****which made them welcome an increased number of visitors to their website. In addition, the video was very useful at their networking events where the amount of donations rose by 4,3%.

In addition to the video, they have added a number of enthusiastic ambassadors within the StoryMe team. Hearing so many brave testimonials of (grand) parents, brothers, sisters who have to fight against children’s cancer, made us participate in the ‘Run to Kick’ challenge with which we collected 3310 Euros this year!

We’re looking forward to our next run together!

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