Lyreco - Office supplies, but make it ASMR

A shredder, printer or stapler aren’t the most sexy products for an awareness campaign - so we tried a more out-of-the-box approach by going with ASMR.




Business Supplies and Equipment



The challenge

Ready for a brain massage? A shredder, printer or stapler aren’t the most sexy products for an awareness campaign, they’re just tools. That’s why Lyreco wanted to try a more out-of-the-box approach. ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a video genre that uses the mundane to trigger a satisfying auditory response in our brain… A perfect opportunity for general office supplies.

The solution

ASMR is all about triggers, both auditory and visually. By going all-in on aesthetics, and slightly tweaking the Lyreco tagline, the concept was crystal-clear from the first frame. This enticed a curious audience to click and watch our 30-second teasers (audio on).

Audio first

Since ASMR videos lean heavily on the audio, we chose to do the shoot in an audio studio. Still, the recording equipment proved so sensitive that we had to do a couple of retakes because the microphone would pick up a passing plane. We also opted to have a sound engineer on set besides the cameraman, to make sure the audio was perfect.

Creating an ASMR atmosphere

The video had to be equally as strong visually if we wanted people to click on our videos. So we decided to re-create the office feel within an ASMR setting. To do that, we created a strong, vibrant color scheme.

The focus on the product

The real star of the videos were the office supplies. Even though they have no real ‘USPs’, they provided the viewer with the autonomous sensory meridian response. In this way, we triggered a positive association with the Lyreco brand.

The result

The videos are currently being shared on LinkedIn, so the results are still coming in. Though we can already say that the videos are generating a promising amount of views (which is perfect for an awareness campaign).

Check out some of the videos in this series - and don't forget to listen!

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