For Looza, we decided to go back to our roots and keep it simple.

Make the Looza brand top of mind again for the Belgian audience with the tagline: ‘a Belgian story’.







The challenge

Brand awareness doesn’t always have to be a feature-length film production. Sometimes in plain sight is top of mind. Looza just wanted to remind people of their existence, and maybe use its Belgian heritage to its advantage. So we created something fit for social that’s easy to digest, and just quirky enough to stop people from scrolling past.

The solution

For this one, we decided to go back to our roots and ‘keep it simple’. The idea was to show a bunch of different drinks within 15 seconds in a clean, attractive, and fun way. Stop motion would be the way to do it.

Stop! Motion time.

Stop motion is a technique where you have a fixed camera standpoint, take a picture, change an element, take another picture, and so forth. You then stitch those pictures together to create one fluid motion. The result keeps you glued to your screen. In this video, we made it appear as though a closed bottle filled up an entire glass and to show a series of different flavors in just a couple of seconds.

A chauvinist tagline

The video only contains just 4 words: “Looza, a Belgian story”. Even though we aren’t really chauvinist people, this little known fact about a quite well-known brand does make us feel proud. It’s the underdog story, “look at what this small country can achieve!”

The result

The high view rates made proved that success isn’t directly proportional to the amount of money you throw at a video. The video was a major success on social media. The snackable content had a staggering 89% completion rate by the viewers.

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