Moët Hennesy - Training Academy

Our mission? Create a training series for the liquor brand Moët Hennessy. We combined a beautiful visual style and intriguing storytelling to do so.


Moët Hennesy




Create an online academy

The challenge

Moët Hennessey’s liquor cabinet is mighty impressive. To help their sales and marketing teams, and also their internal partners, Moët needed captivating video content to compliment their online training academy.

The solution

A beautiful style mixed with interesting tidbits and choosing story over technical mumbo jumbo, helps people retain the information way better.


We took our time to create a visual style that suited Moët Hennessey’s brand, and a voice that matches their personality. We found that an aquarelle style best reflected MH’s mood of luxury, craftsmanship and quality. Combined with certain cut-out elements, we made sure to keep the different brands recognizable throughout the videos as well.


Every video starts with an interesting piece of lore around each type of liquor. There’s such a rich history (and even myths) surrounding these beverages that it would be heresy not to include them in the video. These short stories are much easier to remember and tell to your clients as well.

The result

Since we are bound by an NDA, we are not at liberty to talk specifics. But since this case is featured in the first place, we’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

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