Newpharma - Votre pharmacie à portée de main

Positioning, visualizing the concept of an online pharmacist!







The challenge

New Pharma initially contacted StoryMe for a strategic workshop. They noticed that their brand had a very impersonal look and they wanted to get inspired to see what strategy suited their brand best.

Through these inspiration sessions, we came up with a creative video that could reposition New Pharma. Highlighting that despite being an e-commerce company, they’re accesible and close to their customers.

They initially only wanted a television commercial. But our research found that their competitors used little or no online communication to reach customers. To this end, we expanded their original strategy into an online strategy, with success!

The solution

We created a format that gave the company a human face. A clear visual signature with the slogan: “New Pharma, near at hand” and we created a video that took their slogan perhaps a little too literally.

We created a beautiful monochrome studio format where we could, literally, show the pharmacist behind the scenes. This shows that they are close to their customers and therefore can offer the right customized solutions.

We created 3 moodboards per target group, which emphasizes the fact that each target group has its own color and therefore the content per target group will be visually distinguishable in the first second of the video.

The result

After the approval of the 30-second Hero video, we re-edited the video for an optimal impact! This gave the campaign an 8,43% conversion increase with the same budget.

But that’s not all! They can use the set for the next years to come. For live streaming events, testimonials, etc. They could easily update the environment in the future because the only thing they have to take into account is the monochrome data.

This project is the perfect example that a video can be more than just a video.

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