Nexxworks takes you to the future

Create a high-end futuristic animation to help Nexxworks gain credibility with their clients.




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Raise Credibility

The challenge

Nexxworks stimulates companies to keep acting on their ‘Day After Tomorrow’. We were tasked with the creation of a high-end futuristic animation to help them gain credibility. Nexxworks exists to inspire organizations to innovate and keep up with their ever-evolving customers. So their company explainer video just had to impress!

The solution

When you trust your animator and give them creative freedom and time, they will go out of their way to blow you away. They’ll even master some new techniques just for your project.

The golden snitch

The star of the show was the 3D orb guiding us through the video. By placing a spotlight on the orb, it lights up the scene as it goes from shot to shot. While the animation of the orb was done in After Effects, this orb itself was created in an entirely different program.

Lots and lots of particles

Particles (those little dots) have the ability to fill up a scene and make it feel more alive. If you put them all together, you create lines that add a sense of speed and movement to the video as well.

An electrifying logo animation

To tie everything together, our animator let loose on the logo animation and it shows. He created several paths (as a measly copywriter, I’m not sure what that means but apparently it’s quite labor-intensive)to get that effect of crackling electricity.

The result

To prove that the video really had an impact, we tracked the page retention rate. Those who watched the video stayed, on average, 83 seconds longer and were 3 times more likely to click through to another page.

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