Proximus - On The Road To Net-Zero

The challenge? Make the story about Proximus’ sustainability efforts a pleasure to watch.







The challenge

Companies are going green, and they all want to talk about it. These topics, while interesting, are often quite long and boring. So Proximus challenged us to create an animation video that would have its viewers glued to their screens until the very last second.

The solution

Motion design has the power to mesmerize an audience, even when the story isn’t as immersive.

Abstract visuals

Since we wanted to put as much time as possible into the motion graphics, we opted to go for an abstract visual style. Luckily, we had the gradients and iconography of Proximus to play with. This helped us develop an attractive style that’s both timeless and gave us a lot of freedom in the animation phase.

Transitions, transitions, transitions

When you watch the video, the first thing you will notice are the smooth transitions throughout the video. All scenes were deliberately woven together to create a seamless experience. The energyflows of electricity and data were a huge source of inspiration for the animation as well.

The result

The video had a retention rate of 86,2%. This means that on average, viewers saw almost 90% of the video before dropping off!

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