Qover - We got you Qovered







The challenge

Qover wanted to change the perception of insurance as being boring and complex.

Being a fintech company themselves, they offer insurance to digital-native companies. Their biggest USP is that they made insurance basically borderless.

The solution

High-end, playful and innovative, these were the keywords for the video. Even if insurance is boring, Qover is anything but boring. So we set out to make a video that oozed excitement.

Let the people speak

To make Qover more approachable, we used the people of Qover themselves to be the voice of the video. They could share their excitement better than anyone else. By using a series of quotes, we were able to stitch together a coherent story.

Visualizing the brand

Qover with a Q, this unique spelling was perfect to use as a visual brand identifier. Every word that starts with a ‘K’ sound was changed into a Q, in the style and the colors of Qover.

Premium animation

Qover is a premium brand that deserves premium animation. Animating on live footage isn’t as easy as it looks since every movement of the camera has to be traced y the animation, which makes it a time-consuming process. But in the end, we pulled it off.

The result

Soon after launching their video, Qover’s sales department noticed an increase in leads of 18,6%. When asked how people came into contact with Qover, the answer was more often than not, “your company video.”

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