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Video Production


Market positioning

The challenge

Our company explainer video set out to prove that even with a modest budget, it’s possible to produce a high-quality video that can captivate its viewers from the first second to the last.

The primary target audience for this video were potential clients, but it is meant to inspire anyone that watches it. Visually, Think video First says: “this is the power of video”. At the same time, the copy provides insight into why video is such a successful medium.

The solution

When you create the poster-child of your own company, you have to show all of your strengths. That’s why we combined copy with sound, and animation with live footage.

A verbal rhythm

The copy was inspired by slam poetry, easy to listen to but still conveying a message. This meant that the copywriter worked closely with the sound designer as if they were producing a music video. The voice-over artist was also carefully selected to make sure that the delivery was just right.

A strong lead is all you need

The live shoot focused on a single female lead in a single location. The way the set was dressed and the bright neon visual style, gave it a futuristic and almost post-apocalyptic vibe.

An extra layer (of animation)

Animation allowed us to show how video is all around us, and how we interact with technology within our own home. While the use of brightly colored text-on-screen gave the whole that extra bit of “oomph”.

The result

Since the video was launched on January 21, 2021 on our homepage, it has become our most-watched video. It also helps to retain people on our website. 63,8% of viewers go on to watch at least one other video on our case page.

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